How We Do It

The 4 Components of the ServiceChecks™ Program:

1.      S.M.A.R.T. Analysis………….Identifies and Pinpoints Your Target Audience (Allows you to determine your most effective marketing strategy!)

2.      ServiceChecks™………….. Deployment of the Most Reactive Marketing Weapon in Your Arsenal

3.      On-Site Advisor Training and Launch......Gets your staff ready to up-sell and cross-sell like never before. 

4.      Web Based Reporting…Results are tracked to the penny only from the pieces that were mailed out and brought in.

S.M.A.R.T. Analysis

The S.M.A.R.T. Analysis is essentially your marketing hit list.  The more targeted your audience, the more responsive they will be.  When you advertise to a targeted audience using a rifle and scope approach rather than waste money mailing to the masses using a shotgun approach, you save money and get far better results.  The Market Analysis consists of a blend of existing customers harvested from your DMS and new prospects through list acquisition. 

We perform an in depth analysis of your current service customer base.  We use sales, service and parts records from your DMS, to effectively profile and sort customers into groups of current, inactive and lost customers.  Spending history is also factored in.  We then cultivate your potential new customer base including those who are driving your brand, living in your most lucrative zip codes but with no history at your dealership.

All data is cleansed, producing the most accurate list; void of duplicates, wrong addresses or outdated information.  The S.M.A.R.T. Analysis becomes the property of the dealership and can be used for a multitude of marketing efforts storewide.  Once your S.M.A.R.T. analysis is complete, we formulate a customized marketing mix of current, inactive, lost and potential new customers and create your S.M.A.R.T. mailing list which will identify the customers who have the highest propensity to respond.  Next, we fire away with our highly effective ServiceChecks™.


ServiceChecks™ get the highest response rates of any direct mail piece bar none.  ServiceChecks™ make it past the garbage can toss every time for two main reasons.  The first is because the manufacturer’s logo appears in the return address area of the envelope and looks like an important notice from the manufacturer.  It peaks curiosity, gets opened and gets read!   Secondly, the weight of the checkbook inside the envelope is so substantial, it warrants further inspection.
Once they start flipping through the 12 ServiceChecks™, customers will notice savings vouchers in the form of checks.  They begin to feel like they have cash in hand.  Next, they’ll notice the long 18 month expiration period.  The customer realizes they can come in for service when they want and they’ll get a break on the service they actually need.  In most cases, they have a pent up need for a MAJOR repair and these vouchers ease their fear of a large repair bill thus driving them into your dealership as opposed to the independents.  There is simply no greater motivator to spur the consumer into action.  For the more “service minded” customers who strictly adhere to their car manual’s suggested maintenance schedule, the ServiceChecks™ are perceived as a loyalty program for repeat visits.

By eliminating short term expiration dates and overly specific offers, the customer doesn’t feel baited or pressured.  Quite the contrary, they feel empowered and excited.  Customers near the end of their warranty are spurred into action and into your service drive.  With 12 ServiceChecks™, there are 12 opportunities to visit your service drive.   This isn’t a churn and burn piece, it’s a relationship building piece.


We set you up for success.  The program includes the cost of a Zipcode Target Marketing national trainer to perform on site training for all of your service writers, managers and cashiers.  Phone and webinar support is also included to refresh or retrain if you have personnel changes.  Our trainers will reveal to your service advisors the most successful word tracks and strategies to increase up sell and closing ratios

Web Based Reporting

ALL RESULTS ARE BASED SOLEY ON THE CHECK BEING BROUGHT INTO THE DEALERSHIP. Each ServiceCheck™ has a bar code and UPN which is scanned by your cashier or service writer at the time of redemption.  So measuring the results of your marketing program has never been more immediate or accurate.  You’ll know at any moment in time exactly how well the program is doing for you.  We provide you with scanners so you retain control over data entry and never have to question the integrity of your results. 

All reports are web based.  There’s no complicated software to learn.  There are 7 standard reports and a number of customized reports that we automatically email to management as often as you like or if you prefer to login manually, it’s a simple web address.