Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What if the program doesn’t deliver as promised?

With a 15 year track record of success for our clients, our program’s results are SO consistent and predictable that we offer a money back guarantee if you don’t earn a full Return on Your Investment.

How long before I get a Return on Investment?

Most customers of Zipcode Target Marketing realize a full R.O.I. within the first 60 days.

Why should I use your program if I’m already spending money on service department advertising?

Our program can exclusively target the customers who are NOT responding to your current marketing efforts.

Can I use Co-op for your program?

Yes, in most cases.   We’ll even file the paperwork for you.

Will I be wasting advertising dollars on active customers?

No, we can drill down and focus on your non-responders and inactive customers.

What if I want to focus heavily on new customer acquisition?

We’ll attract scores of customers driving your brand with no history at your dealership and focus less on your existing customers.

What if I want to poach customers from nearby dealerships or independents?

We can target zip codes around a competing dealership or independent shop.

Are ServiceChecks™ more expensive than postcards?

Postcards have a 1% response rate.  ServiceChecks™ have a minimum 15% response rate.  To get the same response rates mailing a postcard, you would have to mail the postcard at least 15 times, if not more, which ends up costing 3 times as much as a ServiceCheck™ campaign.  You get what you pay for in response rates.

Don’t ServiceChecks™ offer the customer too high of a discount?

On the surface, it might seem like too large a discount but the net effect for our dealers, on average, is only a 12% discount. 

How long after the mail drop will ServiceChecks™ be redeemed in our store?

Customers will start coming in as little as one week after the drop and provide a steady flow of business for the entire 18 month period.

What kind of a Return on Investment can I expect?

A typical result is a 500%+ Return on Investment. (Results based on a 60% blended gross profit.)

Can we purchase ServiceChecks™ to use as hand-outs?

Yes!  ServiceChecks™ are a great tool to use when a customer is dissatisfied.  They’ll always leave happy, if they leave with a checkbook in hand.  They have an incentive to return and you have another opportunity to provide a more positive experience.  They are also great to reward loyal customers.