What We Do

The Zipcode Target Marketing 4 Step ServiceChecks™ program identifies customers who are not responding to your current marketing efforts and substantially increases your service traffic.  The highest increase is in customer pay labor and parts sales because we target customers in their last year of warranty and 10 model years back.  Not only do we bring in customers, but the most lucrative kind!  Our program increases the number of RO's, dollars per RO, and ASM closing ratio.  Whether your service drive is in a slump or running like a well oiled machine, our program is like a shot in the arm.  The results are immediate and long lasting. "Best of All We Guarantee Your Investment!"

A dealer’s top priority should be to stop defection and increase retention.  Most people perceive dealership service departments to be too darned expensive.  Hence, the mass defection from dealerships to independent shops and value based chains.  ServiceChecks™ transforms the customers perception from "You are too expensive" to "You are the same price or better than the other guys.".  Price being equal, most people have greater confidence in the quality of technicians and repair work at a dealership.  The fact is,  they’d rather do business with you.  You just have to give them a cost incentive without sacrificing profits which is what our ServiceChecks™ do! 

“Our program will bring you new customers, regain your lost customers, keep your existing customers loyal to your dealership, fight customer defection to aftermarket providers, and arm your service advisors with the necessary tools to up-sell and cross-sell like never before...and remember thats 100% customer pay labor and parts sales we are focusing on!”      

 –Mark J. Payne, Former Client now President