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The easiest way to buy and sell obsolete inventory.

Partsfisher is the ultimate source for buying and selling overstock automotive parts. For dealers, it’s a great way to market parts that are in their inventory and have had very little demand. With Partsfisher, they’re able to expose their parts to millions of potential buyers and sell the parts at deep discounts, at cost or even below cost just to keep their inventory dollars moving. For the buyers, its a great way to find parts quickly and take advantage of the large discounts. Basically, one man’s troublesĀ are another man’s treasure.

Drowning in Overstock Parts?

Unwanted, obsolete or overstock parts can turn your parts department into a real shipwreck. But at Partsfisher, we know someone out there is going to find a treasure amidst your wreck. We put your unwanted parts in front of millions of potential buyers who are fishing for a deal. So you end up getting something instead of nothing for your idle parts. All the while, you’re keeping your inventory dollars fluid, freeing up frozen capital to buy more profitable inventory.

Fishing for Discounted Parts?

If you’re buying all of your OEM parts straight from the manufacturer, you’re overpaying. It’s time to realize there are other fish in the sea. Other dealers like yourself who have the parts, but not the need. They’re ready to cut bait with their unwanted parts. That’s when you sail in and snag tham at prices far below cost. It’s the easiest fishing you’ve ever done! Partsfisher automatically scans your order against our database and highlights the enormous savings opportunities. With the push of a button, you’re reeling in the parts and the savings!

Interested in Learning More?

Start selling your obsolete inventory today! Contact us now to setup a presentation and see how PartsFisher can help you recover frozen capital.