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Dealership Parts to GL Reconciliation Software

PartsRec by Total Dealer Solutions is an automated entry to entry reconciliation software program that allows automotive dealers to seamlessly reconcile Parts Inventory to Accounting on a daily basis helping to reduce variance to zero. Daily insight helps users to immediately pinpoint problems, correct errors, identify process improvements, and most importantly avoid large variances at month and year-end.

dealer reconciliation software dealer reconciliation software dealer reconciliation software

  • Reduce/Eliminate Variance
  • Easy to Use
  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Transparency between parts and accounting
  • Improve Process

  • Promote Accountability
  • Immediately Identify Problems
  • Correct Mistakes
  • Reduce Vulnerability
  • Prevent Theft

Data integration with CDK and Dealertrack     dealer reconciliation software      dealer reconciliation software

How were we fixing this stuff before? We weren’t! It’s impossible to do without PartsRec. That’s why we were having large pickups or large shortages during the physical or year end that we couldn’t account for. This system identifies the issues daily and allows us fix problems as the occur and prevent from happening in the first place.
What’s wonderful about PartsRec is it holds you accountable for everything. You can’t hide a penny from this system. What I’m learning is it identifies process and people issues to truly distinguish between good parts managers and bad ones.
Your efforts and the efforts of your co-workers are a nice change of pace for us. We do not normally see such complete and thorough training and installation with the kind of responsive communication as we have seen from your company. It is so nice and much appreciated!
I tell you what, this is the BEST software we have ever bought! I don’t know how we were tracking it before, well I do know, we weren’t. The amount of money we would have lost that this now tracks is amazing.
I really liked PartsRec after our training and using it this morning, but now that I’m seeing the errors it catches and the transparency it provides, I LOVE IT!
We are impressed. Wow!
We just did a process (Chrysler invoice reconciliation) that normally takes 5 hours on a Monday in 10 minutes.
PartsRec has made my life so much easier not having to find every single part on an invoice by myself.
We have signed up for a lot of programs over the years and I can say that this is has been the best money spent in a real long time.
Compared to the way we used to do things, PartsRec is less work and 100% more accurate!
Your PartsRec program continues to impress me as I become more familiar with it.
As a person who believes that the devil is in the details, I appreciated the fact that we have the option to customize many things about PartsRec to make it even more efficient for us.

how to eliminate variances


Start eliminating variance today! Contact us now to schedule a live demo and we will show you how PartsRec will save you time and ensure the accuracy of your inventory.

how to eliminate variances

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